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Ocean Isle Beach Photography | February 3, 2018

Ocean Isle Beach family photographers

Ocean Isle family beach photography is more than just snapping a few pics from a camera someone received for Christmas, and calling yourself a professional. We take your family photos very serious, but also provide some of the best posing techniques in the business. There are a few new photography companies here in Ocean Isle Beach, so make sure you check out their galleries as well. Don’t just look at the main page leader profile pics. Look through them all. If they look like they were taken with a cell phone, or “flat”, and only advertise 60 minute sessions, then be aware, the experience is not there. You will start to notice something.  The true professionals not only have a true 2 dimensional look, and feel, but composition, and composure are spot on. A true professional has a slightly higher price rate, but doesn’t overcharge. The true professional wants your repeat business, and this means that the product is exceptional, and so is the customer service.

Family beach portraits pricing, and rates in Ocean Isle Beach.

Family photography in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

So we are noticing a trend of photographers that are telling their clients that the session needs to be an hour. Unless you have a group of more than 10 people, this is not true at all. That doesn’t mean that we won’t sell you the hour, it simply means that we are not going to sell you something that you do not require unless you really want it. Our goal is to not only earn your business today, but keep you coming back year, after year.  A typical session for a group of 1-7 people runs $299 from our company, and our sessions are “all inclusive”.

The perfect complete family photography package

Our family beach portraits packages are complete. Not only do we give you unlimited exposures for the length of your session, but all pics are retouched professionally even though most people swear they don’t require it because we are trained to get the shot right the first time. You will receive a full service viewing site complete with unlimited downloads to your device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to anywhere in the world, and in full resolution. In addition to that we will mail your hard copy photo disc to your home address.

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Ocean Isle Beach Photography

Ocean Isle Beach Photography | February 17, 2017

We are all about family beach photography in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Our photographers are trained to get as many poses as possible, and get your input while doing it, so that you get exactly what you are wanting in a portraits session. Where else can you get a flat rate without the hassle of being up-sold through using your emotions against you. Ocean Isle Photography gives you the best of both worlds without having to ask for it. With our company you get unlimited pics, retouching, digital downloads, and a photo disc all in high resolution without adding to the cost! Nobody else does this!