Wedding photography

Wedding Photography packages in Ocean Isle Beach

  • Combo package (Preacher, and Photographer) only $799

  • The major difference between us and the wedding companies offering photography is the fact that we are “professional photographers” not a staffed photographer, or someone who just got a new camera , and is claiming to be a photographer, and just snaps a few shots at the end of your ceremony on the beach.
  • What’s included? 

  • Our package includes the preacher, the photographer(1 hour), unlimited pics, retouching, digital download access, hi-resolution data disc, and the copyright release. Check out our work, we aren’t afraid to say that we are the best photography company in Ocean Isle Beach, and also the most affordable professional photographers.
  • All inclusive wedding package 1 hour only $599 

  • Whats included?
  • Unlimited pictures for 1 hour. Pics are then retouched, and uploaded to the digital download site where you will have full access. In addition you will also receive a Data Disc in Hi-resolution, and the copyright release.
  • Need an extra hour? It’s only $399, need a 3rd hour? only $349! 4th hour only $299!
  • Why make it complicated?

  • It doesn’t have to be. We have put hundreds of hours of research into making sure we have the best packages anywhere on the beach, our work already speaks for itself, but so does many other professional photographers, the difference is we found a way to lower our expenses(shh, our little secret), and pass the savings to you. So ask yourself a question. Do you want professional photography? If the answer is yes, then book us, and take that money you saved, and use it on your honeymoon!
  • Engagement photography only $499

  • This packages includes 1 hour with the photographer, unlimited pics, poses, and up to 3 wardrobe changes! Pics are then retouched, and then uploaded to the full access digital download site. In addition you will also receive the hi resolution Data Disc, and the copyright release.