Family Beach Portraits

Ocean Isle Family Beach Portraits

Family beach portraits in Ocean Isle beach has been a family tradition for many years. Why not make sure you get your treasures from the best skilled photographers, excellent customer service, and even though money may not be your motivation, you will definitely get more than you thought you would with our photography company.

Select a family beach package.

Let’s keep it simple, we offer professional luxury photography.  If you have less than 8 people, our 30 minute session is only $349. Most sessions can be completed in 30 minutes unless there are very small children. Compare our rates to our competitors at $750-1300 for the digital downloads and copyright release from “real professional luxury photographers” Our brand new “mini luxury” package is only $299 for 20 minutes with 1-6 people.

So what’s included? We give you unlimited shots, and poses, and outfit changes(if you need it), at the end of the session we professionally retouch your pics, and give you a password to access all of them through our digital download link (very easy). (Here is something our competitor does not give you). You will also receive high resolution downloads , and the ability to make a data disc, and flash drive with download capability, and a copyright release form in as little as 3-4 days!

What if we have a bigger group?

If you have between 8-14 people, your package is only $399 for 30 minutes, and if you need more time you can double the time to 60 minutes for only $599,  or split it with our new 45 minute session for only $499 (90 min sessions call for rates) 

Really big groups

If you have between 15, and 20 people your session is 60 minutes for only $649 , and anymore than 21 people is $699. 90 MIN SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE (call for rates)

Any other fees?

There are never sitting fees, and that’s where the other photo studios get you. You signed up with a $150, or $200 sitting fee, but when it was all over you ended up  paying over $1000 for your package. Not here! We have no fine print or up-sell ever. We do however charge $75 for all Oak Island sessions for travel fee, and $50 for Holden Beach. We are Ocean Isle Beach Photography! All sessions are final at booking. Holiday fees range from $50-$100.  A $150 cancellation fee is required for all non-emergency cancellations.

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